About Us

About Us

Buy and Sell pre-loved designer clothing and accessories.

Like you, we have a closet full of beautiful pieces that we haven’t worn much (or at all!) and think they deserve to be worn by another fashion lover, rather than sitting sadly in the closet with no place special to go.

We grew tired of sitting at the markets for days on end with little to show for it other than a few Instagram shots of puppies. Online auction and sale sites usually meant that we had to sell our gorgeous clothes for a third of what they were worth.

At Closet Fashionista, you can list your items for the price you believe they are worth. All Closet Fashionistas that come across this site are all looking for beautiful used designer goods and will accept your price if they feel it’s suitable.

Everyone is welcome to sell, so long as your pieces are in great condition and are of course authentic, join our marketplace today!

Happy Shopping!